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At Arbonata we produce light tables.
We are proud to present modern LED technology joined with traditional craftmanship and organic material. Our table collection consists of exclusively crafted masterpieces and as such each of them echo unique design and formal expression.

We strive for passion, poetry and arts, Arbonata is yet another creation that draws inspiration from for well crafted objects that are inherently different from situation. We seek compassion and love for nature and the strive for a sustainable modern living.


For the design of our light tables we use a matrix of 1700 LEDs that magically shine through the wooden top of the tables when turned on, in essence depicting the shape of a tree. People love the first of our creation and we are working on taking this lighting experience to the next level in the search for a manufacturer. Take a look at the two designs we are currently offering and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in experiencing your personal version of this remarkeable new design.


The light tables from Arbonata are unique design pieces. More designs are about to be released soon...

The iPX light table with motion controlled dimmer is close to touch. Feel free to be the first to get your hands on by dropping us a line...

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Get in touch

If you like what we are doing or if you wish to design your own LED light table with us, simply drop us a line! A representative will contact you in response.